What is the problem?

Renting has many flaws today.

It is everything but easy - it's filled with too much paperwork,
broken communication and even worse - scam and fraud!

So we asked ourselves ...

How can we make it more TranspaRENT?

Use our platform to introduce yourself better, increase your chances of getting selected and safeguard your security deposit from fraud and scam!

Not getting any responses from landlords/realtors? Then try using a better way to introduce yourself with your TranspaRENT renter profile. It puts you in front of every other applicant, and saves everyone precious time! Realtors and landlords will love you for it!


Tired of signing up on a separate platform just to run your credit and background checks? We’ve got you covered! TranspaRENT gets your checks done, reliably and safely – you can even share them along with your renter profile!


Scared of rental scams? We understand why – criminals get smarter by the minute and you can’t be certain enough about where your money goes. Use our escrow service to keep your money safe until the day you move-in. No keys, no money!


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